Welcome to SX Discount.com

If you are viewing this website, and you are a distributor:

  • You know who we are
  • You know the products we sell
  • You know our reputation 

And, we want to earn your business.

If you are viewing this site, and you are a user of computer and office supplies, just call us and we will refer you to one of the dealers that purchase from us.
I realize that this may seem to be a way to simple page to you, but in plain English, websites really don’t prove anything, other than the fact that you have a website. They can have a lot of flash, but in the end, you could wind up giving your credit card number to some shyster in the middle of some foreign country. And the next thing you know, there is a 10000 charge on your credit card for 5 designer handbags in Hong Kong.

Some other notes that you might find of interest

  • We’ve been in this business for 20 years now
  • You will be allotted a credit limit at the time of your initial purchase
  • Your terms will be net 30
  • We DO NOT publish ANY price lists
  • We DO NOT post any pricing whatsoever online

All you have to do is call or fax us with a list of your top selling toners. We will then fax you out a quotation. You won’t get the “Hard Sell” when you call in. Our goal is to get our pricing on the products you use into your hands, and have YOU make the logical choice that benefits your business. 

Types of items we sell:

  • Toners, ribbons, and other printer supplies
  • Copier toner, drums, developers
  • Continuous Computer Paper
  • Copy / Laser / multi-use paper
  • Custom forms
  • Office supplies

Street Address:
SX Discount Supply, Inc
1392 East 43rd Street
Cleveland, OH 44103
or locally (440)975-0560

Mailing Address:
SX Discount Supply, Inc
P O Box 91128
Cleveland, OH 44101